Every membrane is made up of layers of phospholipids — derived from oils and fats in the diet. This is why some fats are bad for us, especially trans and hydrogenated fats, but is also the site of damage from most environmental toxins. PLX combines two therapeutic agents, phospholipids and glutathione (which could be termed “natural” except that they are given in high dose by injection) to remove toxins and damaged molecules from cell membranes and then from the body. We combine this with correction of nutritional status and targetted nutritional supplementation, including antioxidant therapy, to “remodel” membranes and restore healthy function.

We use PLX as a detox method in a range of problems, but it has shown particular promise in neurodegenerative disorders (from Alzheimer’s to multiple sclerosis) and chemical toxicity and sensitivity. It is also a treatment for the hepato-biliary (liver and bile) component of digestion, helping to improve digestive malfunction, particularly when bowel habit is disrupted.

Chemicals such as pesticides, preservatives and even some medical drugs can be stored in body fat for long periods, and continue to interfere with functioning, most notably of the brain and nervous system and the immune system.

Lipid Exchange is a technique that has been practised for some decades, especially in Eastern Europe, using an phospholipid derived from soya (brand-names Lipostabil and Essentiale), which can be given by intravenous injection or by mouth. There is an extensive literature on its safety and efficacy in a wide range of disorders including neurodegenerative diseases, cardiovascular disease, liver damage, kidney failure,and auto-immune diseases.

PLX can help a range of disorders, and is an effective means of detoxifying the cell membrane. This is dramatically important in modern times, because the major groups of toxins —

  • organophosphate and organochlorine pesticides
  •  related chemicals such as fire-retardants (PCBs, PBBs)
  •  heavy metals such as lead, mercury etc

— are all fat-soluble, and end up either inside fat cells or in cell membranes, where they disrupt the very processes of life. Inside fat cells they are in fact relatively inert and thus safe, since much of this is a storage facility; it is in the membranes that they do most damage.

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