Integrative Cancer Care Is…

The best cancer care strives not only to increase tumor killing potential with the prudent use of anticancer agents like chemotherapy, but also to prevent damage to healthy tissue through nutritional intervention, mind-body therapies and the use of specific supplements as directed by our physician.

Efficacy of conventional medicines can be enhanced when used in combination with supportive therapies such as a personalized nutrition plan, nutritional pharmacology, botanical medicine, psychosocial support and improved physical conditioning. Many conventional practitioners have begun to adopt this approach because current research has demonstrated important possibilities when conventional treatments are combined systematically with such complementary strategies.

What is nutrition therapy?

Many cancer patients experience gastrointestinal symptoms. The Nutrition Therapy helps restore digestive health, prevent malnutrition and provide dietary recommendations during treatment. Our goal is to help you stay strong and nourished, so you can continue with your cancer treatment.

Cell Redox Regulatory Therapy

This strategy takes advantage of the fact that many cancers need moderate amounts of oxidative stress to multiply efficiently, but are susceptible to being killed with high levels of oxidative stress. Therefore, high-dose intravenous vitamin C administered with vitamin K , are used to produce potentially lethal levels of hydrogen peroxide in tumors which results in high levels of oxidative stress. This combination is lethal to cancerous tumors but in no way harms normal tissues which have adequate antioxidant defenses.

Tumor Oxygenation – Ozone

Many  strategies can only work well in tumors that have adequate levels of oxygen, as ascorbate reacts with oxygen to produce the hydrogen peroxide. Portions of many tumors tend to be lows in oxygen (hypoxic), as the blood flow through tumors is often sluggish compared to that which supplies normal tissues. This evidently could compromise the anti-tumor efficacy of vitamin C therapy. To overcome this problem, we use several complementary techniques that can boost the oxygen content of tumors. Ozone autohemotherapy (O3-AHT) alters the properties of blood so that it is less viscous, its cellular elements are more flexible, and its oxygenated red blood cells surrender oxygen to tissues more readily. This is shown as a rightward shift of dissociation curve. It also promotes vasodilation by stimulating nitric oxide release by the endothelial lining of small arteries . The net result is more oxygen delivery to the tumor . Many tumors contain regions in which oxygen content is low, and hypoxic tumor cells typically are harder to kill with radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Thus, protocols which can boost tumor oxygen levels have potential as adjuvant measures in cancer therapy. Recently, researchers at the Canary Islands Institute for Cancer Research recruited 18 cancer patients and used special needle probes to measure the oxygen content of their tumors before and after 3 sessions of O3-AHT. They were in fact able to establish that there were fewer hypoxic tumor regions following O3-AHT.

O3-AHT is used not only in conjunction with chemotherapy, but also with high-dose intravenous sodium ascorbate therapy for IRT-C. This strategy involves drawing 200 ml of a patient’s blood, treating it with a mixture of ozone and oxygen, and re-infusing it. This procedure is typically repeated several times weekly. It is important to stress that we employ an O3-AHT protocol that has been widely utilized in Europe for decades with an excellent safety record. The safety of this strategy reflects the fact that no ozone is infused into the body. Ozone is very unstable, and for practical purposes is completely dissipated before the ozone-treated blood is returned to the body. Thus, the body is exposed to ozone oxidation products, rather than ozone itself. Exposure of blood to ozone in clinically appropriate amounts does not cause lysis of red blood cells, or compromise the functional viability of white cells. No evident side effects are noted in patients receiving O3-AHT.

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