The use of bio-oxidative therapies is fast becoming a powerful adjunct to natural healing methods. Activated oxygen, as found in peroxide (H2O2) and ozone (O3), is a powerful “oxidant”


Wouldn’t it be great if there were a natural medicine that safely destroyed every bacteria, fungus, yeast and mold with virtually no adverse reaction? And what if it also destroyed every toxin, harmful free radical, and parasite in the body safely as well? One such treatment does exist and has been used by thousands of physicians in over 45 countries for over 70 years.

There are over 3,000 medical references in the German literature alone showing the effectiveness and safety of ozone.  In Europe, ozone has been used for 50 years by over 10,000 physicians.   In North America, only a small number of highly trained Medical doctors currently use medical ozone for treatment of disease.

Conditions that may benefit from treatment with Ozone Therapy include:

  • Cancer
  • Meniscal tears and joint disorders
  • Shingles (Herpes zoster) and Herpes Simplex
  • Herniated Discs
  • Diabetic ulcers , venous stasis,chronic wounds,  AND peripheral nerve regeneration
  • Allergies & chronic sinusitis
  • Lyme disease
  • Alzheimer’s, senile dementia
  • Arthritis
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Colitis and Crohn’s
  • Tinnitus
  • Vaginal infections
  • Chronic hepatitis
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia
  • Candidiasis, and many more conditions

We  know that it stimulates cell receptor sites in white blood cells, so  that it can play a key role in stimulating the immune system. It stimulates lymphokines and cytokines from lymphocytes and monocytes as well as Tumor Necrosing Factor, Interferon and Interleukin production, all of which are the body’s natural chemical defenses to infectious microbes and carcinogens.

Activated oxygen is catabolic and does the following:

  • It stimulates white blood cell production
  • It is bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal
  • It increases oxygen delivery to the cells
  • It helps to prevent the growth of cancer
  • It enables the red blood cells to flow through clogged blood vessels
  • It increases the production of interferon, interleukin-2 and tumor necrosis factor which help fight infection and cancer
  • It helps anti-oxidants to rid the body of too many free radicals
  • It helps the body degrade toxic chemicals
  • It helps the Kreb’s cycle (citric acid cycle) function at it’s optimum which creates energy from carbohydrates, protein and fat metabolism
  • It produces a general wellness in sick patients by increasing the oxygen tension in the body tissues

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