New Directions™ Weight Management Program

The New Directions™ Weight Management Program is a medically supervised rapid weight loss program designed for individuals who are overweight, obese or morbidly obese, or have health risks which could improve from weight loss. It combines a very low-calorie diet with education and counseling. The goal is to give patients insight into their eating, activity, and thinking habits so they can sustain success promoting habits to achieve lasting weight control and health.

Program Features:

  • Rapid weight loss of 2-5 pounds per week!
  • The New Direction™ program has helped over 230,000 members nationwide since 1985.
  • Our members have seen dramatic improvements in health risks, including diabetes, fatty liver disease, and heart disease.
  • Our program gives you the motivation and momentum to continue living a healthy lifestyle.
  • We provide individualized care.
  • We do accept adolescents and we provide them with an individualized weight loss plan.
  • Weekly check-in
  • Use of medically formulated, very low calorie, low-carbohydrate, high protein meal replacement beverages along with a personalized flexible meal plan.

Four phase approach

  • Screening – We determines the readiness and individual needs of potential participants
  • Reducing – With the use of the system’s nutritional products and healthy meals, participants begin to learn and practice weight management skills
  • Adapting – Practicing new eating, exercise and thinking habits, participants gradually return to managing and enjoying healthy meals
  • Maintenance – Continuing support using relapse prevention, individualized meal plans and enjoying living a healthier lifestyle

New Directions™ Nutritional Products

New Directions™ Nutrimed Plus nutritional products meet the profile of a protein-sparing, very low-calorie diet. The high-protein, low-carbohydrate profile promotes rapid oxidation of endogenous stores of body fat while protecting lean body tissue, resulting in rapid weight loss without feeling hungry.

These products can be the sole source of nutrition or combined with one high protein, low carbohydrate meal of whole foods daily. Meal plans are personalized to your needs and preferences.

What is the cost of the program?

The cost for New Directions™ depends on what services are used each week, i.e. lab work, medical office visit, etc. Therefore, a detailed cost sheet is provided and explained at the orientation meetings. Some insurance will cover the medical component, and we will provide information for you to use when speaking with your insurance provider.

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